One Year Free

Today is an important day. Today marks the one year anniversary of when I broke up with my abuser. It has officially been a full year since I walked away from him and the prison he put me in. By August 9th, 2016, I felt like I was falling apart. I didn’t eat, sleep, or … Continue reading One Year Free


Learning to say No

I played hooky today. I am not usually the kind of person to do this, but today was different. Today I was supposed to give a presentation for students in my graduate program. Before this past year, giving a presentation to this group of people would not have been a problem (although I still would … Continue reading Learning to say No

Just yesterday

I have always been an expert at mental time travel. But when you’ve experienced some kind of trauma, this skill becomes all the more magnified. And not in a good way. A complete mental time travel experience usually requires some sort of trigger or cue to bring me back to that particular day and event. … Continue reading Just yesterday