As most of you probably know, the #metoo movement, otherwise known as the Silence Breakers, won TIME Person of the Year last week. This moment marks a victory for women everywhere. After all, there is probably not a single woman alive who hasn’t experience some form of harassment, assault or abuse. This award shows how … Continue reading


Mystery Blogger Award

  I would like to thank Nasrul Haziq, founder of the amazing blog The Greatest Blog Ever (, for nominating me for the Mystery Blogger award. The Mystery Blogger award was originally created by Okoto Enigma ( It is named after the meaning of the creator’s name. In her words, ‘there are so many blogs that are … Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

A visit from Joe Biden

Today, former vice president Joe Biden, a champion of ending violence against of women, is coming to Rutgers University to discuss the It’s On Us campaign. Created during the Obama administration, this movement calls on college campuses to take a stand against sexual assault and domestic violence crimes committed on campus. During the 30th anniversary … Continue reading A visit from Joe Biden