A visit from Joe Biden

Today, former vice president Joe Biden, a champion of ending violence against of women, is coming to Rutgers University to discuss the It’s On Us campaign. Created during the Obama administration, this movement calls on college campuses to take a stand against sexual assault and domestic violence crimes committed on campus. During the 30th anniversary … Continue reading A visit from Joe Biden


“Don't worry. You still have time.” I’ve been getting that a lot recently. I suppose that it’s meant as some sort of consolation, as in “I can take my time to move on from my abusive ex-boyfriend because I’m not that old, yet.” Despite the person’s good intentions, this phrase always comes off as a … Continue reading


Anyone can be fooled. Above all else, this is what I have learned over the last year. Anyone can fall into the trap I fell into: being taken by a likeable, charming man who slowly changes into a controlling, abusive monster. A transformation so slow, that it’s impossible to see from the inside. I wish … Continue reading Falling