You and your dirty little games

my body and my mind,

yours to take.

Your hand over me

As you said word “mine”

Your mouth eternally bleeding

Your filthy little lies.


You convinced me it was love

Convinced me you were the best there ever was –

You were patient.

You were a saint.

But all you ever did was





Your objective to confuse,

Stripping away

My right to choose

What I wanted for myself.

Saying yes to avoid

Those piercing shrieks

Those gut wrenching yells.


I danced a careful dance

Planning each step

Well in advance.

Trying my best please

A man who never could be.

For a man like you

is not really man,

but beast.


But as hard as you tried

Your maniacal plans,

I guess they went awry.

Because I was the one

Who walked away from you,

The hardest thing

I ever had to do.

But a new strength I have found

And this time,

I am not backing down.

Mark my words

One of these days

You will get what you deserve.

A storm is coming

Gathering strength with the rising sun.

The battle may be over

But the war

Has only begun.

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