Dear Survivor,

I see you.

I see the invisible pain you carry every day.

I see the fear that lingers in your eyes,

Never feeling safe.

I see how you’re easily startled

How you look for his face in every crowd

How you want to disappear completely

Never to be found.


Dear Survivor,

I hear you.

I hear your silent screams

I hear your cries into a pillow at night

I hear the soundtrack in your head

Replaying every moment and every fight.

I hear you wonder if this was all your fault

If you deserve the things he did to you

The put-downs, the threats,

The temper tantrums he threw.


Dear Survivor,

I know you.

I know your brokenness

I know the emptiness you feel

So heavy sometimes

You think it can’t possibly be real.

I know it’s hard to get up in the morning

But it’s even harder to fall asleep

I know it’s all you can do

Just to make it through the week.


Dear Survivor,

I believe you

Even if nobody else does

I believe you with every bone in my body

You did not make this up.

I know that others may question

That they may not believe

But I hope you will tell your story

I hope you will speak.


Dear Survivor,

You are stronger than you know

And you are beautiful right here and now

You had the strength to walk away

You had the courage to get out.

Now I may not know a lot

But believe me when I say

This was never your fault

And you are going to be okay.



36 thoughts on “Dear Survivor

  1. I felt this deeply. Thirty years ago I moved far away from an abusive relationship which opened up the opportunity for the love and support of a new family. I’m so grateful for my new life.

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    1. Hi LuAnne, I am so happy you were able to get away from this person and start over. It really takes a lot of inner strength to do that. Wish you all the best – speak766

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  2. This is wonderful – lots of empathy and love here. I know it will make a difference to someone who needs to hear/see this in their lives at this point.
    We are all survivors of one thing or another, and it speaks to our strength when we are able to reach out and help others.
    thank you for this – beautiful.

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    1. Thank you for your kind message. You’re right – everyone has a story. I hope that by telling mine, I will encourage other survivors to do the same. Wish you all the best – speak766

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