Anybody can be a different person behind closed doors. The most charming and congenial men (or women) can turn into complete monsters when no one is there to witness. This is why so many victims of domestic violence and relationship abuse do not come forward. Often, there are no witnesses or evidence to corroborate the … Continue reading Silence



It is amazingly easy to deceive oneself. Sometimes we just don’t want to accept the reality in front of us, because the truth is too difficult to bear and appears incomprehensible to us. This is where I found myself last spring, after the horrible night my abuser first became physically aggressive with me. I still … Continue reading Illusions


Anyone can be fooled. Above all else, this is what I have learned over the last year. Anyone can fall into the trap I fell into: being taken by a likeable, charming man who slowly changes into a controlling, abusive monster. A transformation so slow, that it’s impossible to see from the inside. I wish … Continue reading Falling